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French Quarter transients face arrest, and more, on New Orleans streets | NOLA.com.

So a group commonly referred to in New Orleans as gutter punks or street kids is getting renewed attention again. I considered it for a few days before I put this story on this site, as my focus here is people making do in creative and shared ways, but I wanted to raise the issue of itinerant communities and transients that come and go and the possibility of danger from them. The hustle is defined in many ways, but certainly New Orleans street people have made all of them work very well.

As long as this city has been in existence there have been people crowding the banquettes or docks, trying to catch your eye to ask for a handout or to offer a story of woe or of opportunity in return for cash. With our warm weather and millions of visitors, we will always have many asking and a few willing to hand it over, deserved or not.