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Job: I cook for a living and through cooking am able to support local farming, fishing and agriculture. I’ve lived in New Orleans for 19 years. I started cooking as a profession after the storm because I liked using my hands and the serenity of prepping.
Gig: My gig is to convince people that food is not cheap and that high quality food is necessary to your health and our world as a seatbelt. I’ve lately been trying to connect folks to my culture and my love of all things Cajun. In doing that I am able to cook how I want and not through the standard restaurant model.
Hustle: I’ve been hustling different ways in this city for a long time. Having only one job to concentrate on now is a luxury. This year my family and I are trying to not eat out unless it is a very, very special occasion. As a cook you hardly eat and you don’t want to go home and continue to cook, clean the kitchen and do dishes. And you’re serving the best quality product you can possibly put your hands on to your patrons, then you go out and eat to a half cared about plate. Of course some restaurants are doing the “right” thing but some are not. We already do not eat commodity meats and are seasonal eaters but challenging ourselves to eat from our own kitchen will be a hustle for us. We both work full-time and are raising a teenager. It’s going to be an interesting year.