Author Gwendolyn Knapp on creativity, work and New Orleans in an interview on NOLA Defender:

“It’s easier to live here and survive,” she said. “Rents are going up, but it’s probably easier to live here than in New York or lots of bigger cities and still have time to work on your creative pursuits.”

But it’s not always easy in The Big Easy.

“New Orleans has lots of distractions to keep you away from your writing. There’s always a festival, there’re always people out and there’s always some reason why you’re turning away from working on your writing,” she said. “It’s important to establish a routine and keep at it. That’s really the only thing you can do if you want to become a writer. You just have to keep writing and make a pact to do that.”

Knapp is the editor of Eater NOLA.

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