I appreciate the piece linked below on the use of hustler versus whore via the sex work connotations of both terms. Absolutely true how women involved in sex worker are tagged with the much more punitive term while men are assigned the less damaging of the two.

The “hustler” archetype has experienced a steady, exponentially positive, and — despite its deep roots in gay culture — heterosexual treatment in the media. Hustler magazine launched in 1975, as a more graphic version of Playboy. It boasted a circulation of 3.8 million in 1976, and while that number declined significantly in subsequent years, the magazine is arguably the mainstream prototype of heterosexually lensed “hustler” as aspirational, rather than derogatory.

When people talk to me about the name and subject of this blog, they rarely use of the term hustler as meaning a sex worker, but I certainly expected some readers to see it that way and am happy to include this discussion here.

Of course, hustle has more definitions in our current language:


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…one is celebrated, while the other remains cloaked in stigma: Salon dot com on hustlers versus whores