Angie Bradford facebook post:

Really sad to hear about the passing of Dr. Love. He brought so much laughter and adventure into our lives. He was a legend around the city but especially at Jackson Square. I can never think of the Square without thinking of him. We wouldn’t see him for a little bit, but when he’d come back, he always had some tall story to tell about where he’d just come from. One of my favorite memories of him was when John Michael was a little boy…Me, John Michael, Dr. Love and Tuba went walking through the Bywater. Tuba had on a pair of plastic boobs and Dr. Love had his necklace of keys on and was carrying his golf club swinging it every now and then as he explained how he’d just come back from teaching golf at a club for boys. We laughed so much that day that my stomach hurt. You can only imagine the looks we got with Tuba wearing those fake boobs over his clothes. And the words back and forth between John Michael, Tuba, and Dr. Love just made for a comedy. You will be missed Dr. Love…Your name was a fit for you because you really did bring Love and laughter wherever you went.