This fight seems quite overdue as this ruling is clearly overly restrictive, encouraging bureaucrats to make cultural decisions like the one below, taken from the article.  His statement has nothing to do with regulating entrepreneurial activity reasonably and everything to do with defining art as only useful for tourists and making a living from selling art outdoors only available to those lucky enough to win a lottery for the few dozen spaces around the Square.

Louisiana Deputy Solicitor General Colin Clark said there was nothing unreasonable about funneling artists into a few areas in the French Quarter. The city has decided to maximize outdoor art sales in an area where tourists converge, he argued.

“If I were the mayor of Paris, it might make sense to say that artists have to sell art along the Seine, near the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower,” Clark said.


Artist takes challenge to New Orleans ban on outdoor art sales to state Supreme Court | Courts |